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Bailey Gate






This layout was started by club members in 2015 with a lot of research into both the station and the United Dairies milk factory. We held an exhibition in the Old School in the village and over 200 people came and shared their memories and photos with club members so providing a valuable pool of definitive facts.

Using this and other archive information baseboards have been built and track laid and tested and wired using the DCC system of control. We have moved forward and started on the buildings and landscape on some of the nine public viewing boards. All buildings have been constructed as white card mock-ups so that positions can be adjusted if required before the finished buildings are produced.

The next part of the construction is to make the baseboards for the fiddle yard and to lay and wire the tracks. The overall size of the finished layout will be 22 feet by 16 feet. All module boards are 4ft by 2ft.

The club is now moving forward on the building and scenery and hoping to have the layout in a position to show it at exhibitions in 2 or 3 years time.