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Bailey Gate

The story so far …



An 00 gauge club layout-the story so far.

2015 saw the start of this project to build a representation of the station and part of the Cheese factory in Sturminster Marshall Dorset. The station closed in the 1960's and the factory in the 1970"s. A lot of work in researching the original documents, drawings, track layouts and many photographs has been undertaken by club members, some of whom had personal memories of the site.

In September the layout was drawn out fullsize on lining, paper to replicate the scale drawings and resulted in a layout 16 ft long by 4 ft wide. This was then approved by all Club members and work then started on the baseboards. A new design for baseboards was agreed and the first 4 boards were constructed. The method involved making a series of support beams in 5 mm ply and 25 mm. spacing blocks supporting a 9 mm ply top. This has resulted in sections 1200 mm by 600 mm which are very rigid and light weight for storage and transportation.

Next the track plan was transferred to these boards and sheet cork has been glued to the ply. The trackwork chosen is Peco code 75 and the point motors are to be tortoise type.

At the start of 2016 steady progress has been made with four baseboards made, the cork underlay installed and tracklaying started. The electrical requirements  have been designed and will be incorporated as tracklaying proceeds.

This stage will last for several months!!

Bailey  Gate Update       By Howard Day

Steady progress is being made on the 00 gauge layout by club members. Since the last report the next two baseboards have been fabricated and the connecting system for joining all the boards has been completed.

The remaining trackwork has been laid thus completing this stage of the model. The scenic backboards have been made and fixed and are now being painted.

The electrical control system has been designed for DCC operation and the club has bought the first batch of tortoise motors and the associated switches, trunking multi way connectors and a start has been made in installing in boards 5 and 6.

The design has three main wiring loops for running point and accessories and lighting. At the same time we are finishing the track bed cork and board junctions.

We have continued our research of the original site and buildings in the village that are to be modelled on the layout, and this be and ongoing work so that we may be as authentic as space allows.

We are also looking forward to the design to join up with Spetisbury layout and incorporate the Bailey Gate crossing of the main road to include the water works and these projects for the future.For the present we want to get to the teats running stage so that ballasting for the track work can start maybe around Christmas.


A lot has happened since I wrote the spring update, the Exhibition at Sturminster Marshall was a great success with over 250 visitors on the Saturday afternoon in early April. Due to the teamwork by many Club members the layout was taken to the Old School and set up and running in about an hour. It performed better than we had hoped for and the visitors came in large numbers, bringing with them photographs and other documents which they allowed us as a Club to copy for the archive. We now have a lot more information on which to base our interpretation of the station and the Milk factory. A huge thank you to all members of the club who made this possible.


Following up on this public outing we then took the layout to Blandford Forum Georgian Fayre Day at the dance hall and another large visitor number added to our store of personal recollections and hard data.

Pete has been continuing with the wiring and the two boards 4 and 5 are the last to be joined to the system. We as a club have bought the NEC control system which is now working well after a small problem with the original hand set controller. Our projection for completing and testing the wiring is now end of June.

We are reviewing all the new information and setting out the buildings and landscape. Robert is making steady progress on this important area of work. He has also started to work out the details of the point rodding.

We have as a club taken the decision to use and modify the fiddle yard that started life on the Blandford layout and this will involve some alterations to the rails at the entry ,as well as extending the mid section storage roads and small alterations to the corner board number 7. The result will save the club a lot of time, not to say money.

We are looking forward to a visit from the Railway Modeller journalist on the 8th June to hopefully feature us later this year as a "work in progress" feature.

Howard Day