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Photo Archive

Photo 1

Many will feel it is quite fitting for such a special loco as Britannia to be the first entry into the archive:

Submitted by Clive Arnold. - a colour photo he took on 5 Oct 2011 of 70000 in unlined black livery, without its Britannia nameplates, hauling the steam special ‘Bath Spa Express’ facing the start of the infamous 1 in 60 climb of Parkstone Bank. He writes: ‘safety valves lifting plenty of steam, smoke and noise; a sight I will never forget’.

As well as the fine photo – even when not printed in colour - Clive also points out the following:

The reason why 70000 was in this guise was that it represented how the loco’ looked as built new in January 1951. Two weeks were spent running in – as represented in this photo. After this she was officially named ‘Britannia’ at Marylebone Station on 28 January 1951 by the Transport Minister, but in her unlined green livery.  Later she was given her full BR lining.   

Photo’s 2 – 5


Submitted by Howard Day in January 2019


While on a cruise ship in the Panama Canal (over 50 miles long) Howard was surprised by these solid engines pulling with ease, from the towpath, some mighty heavy ships.

Photo 7

Photo taken by Nigel Feaver in August 2011 at Fort William. The ‘Jacobite’ special steam regular run to keep tourists fascinated.  

Photo 8

Photo taken by Nigel Feaver in August 2011 at Fort William.   An EWS. loco… of more modern times: (it seems that England, Wales and Scotland want to gather beneath the great Scottish mountain for the summer).

Photo 9

Photo taken  by Nigel Feaver at Fort William in August 2011.   Hopefully this sleeper still runs today.  A sleek look and an expensive tickets, but this was a rare chance to capture the train’s gleam  with a sense of movement…. down to London I presume!

Photo 10  

Photo taken by Nigel Feaver  in August 2011 near the port of Mallaig on the West coast of Scotland (with ferry ;ink to the Isle of Sky.

45407. THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIER . Stanier Black Five Class 5MT 4-6-0

45407 was withdrawn from service when steam operation ended on BR in August 1968. The engine was purchased from BR by David Davis for £3,300 and was subsequently moved to Carnforth for restoration. In 1974 it was bought by Paddy Smith who operated the engine on the BR system, notably the Settle & Carlise, Cumbrian Coast and Crewe to Holyhead routes.

Introduction: Club members may submit photographs of railway life and activity, and could include machinery, locomotives, rolling stock or track geography and construction. However, members submitting photos are asked to comply with the following guidelines and conditions:

 a) Photos of rail company employees who were friends of the one submitting the photograph are acceptable if it adds light to a railway activity or event, but with the proviso that personnel are photographed in groups of two or more. (Complications could more easily occur if an individual photographed on their own has not given his or her consent for submission to the archive).

b) The photo has to have been taken by the one submitting it (or by a member of the family). The archive will state the donor’s name alongside or underneath the photograph.  

c) Where possible the photo should be accompanied by a description of the place / event or loco and approximate date…even if with old photos, the year decided upon is only an informed guess.

d) Members are asked to submit only ‘reasonable’ or ‘good’ quality photographs, although it is accepted that old black and white photos are often very grey- but some have enough contrast and sense of ‘activity’ to make them still of interest.   

[Brief guidelines about how to submit a photo will be made available at club meetings.

Rev Nigel Feaver.  Easter 2019